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Guiomar Campbell Dipl. Sh.

Literally translated, Shiatsu means “Finger pressure”.

It is a Japanese therapy based on sustained application of pressure primary with thumbs to selected acupressure points in the body.

This technique engages the body into deep relaxation, while improving joint flexibility and correction of posture.

It combines floor and table work.

This massage includes:

  • Shiatsu acupressure treatment on head, face, neck, shoulders and back

  • Thai yoga stretching

  • Zen meridian stretching for alignment and correction of spine

Shiatsu and acupuncture when combined with meridian stretching techniques will increase body awareness, calm and relax the mind and correct postural problems.
If you are experiencing repetitive strains to your tendons, try the Shiatsu Thai massage treatment.
If you often find that you are on your feet all day or have difficultly sleeping, I would recommend the foot massage or Aromatherapy massage.

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Guiomar Campbell R. Ac. dipl. Sh.

Fine needles, close to the diameter of a human hair are gently applied to the treatment points promoting deep relaxing and restorative experience.

Acupuncture treatment may take 5 to 10 sessions of 60 min each to achieve complete results.

Acupuncture treatment uses:

  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis

  • Complete assessment,

  • patient's medical history,

  • diet and lifestyle

  • Tuina Chinese massage

  • Ear acupuncture

  • Moxabustion treatment

  • Cupping

Recommended for several conditions including joint pain, respiratory, digestive, reproductive and pregnancy.

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Researches in Acupuncture and acupressure for labor

Acupuncture in pregnancy and childbirth

Effects of acupuncture during labor and delivery in a U.S. hospital setting: a case-control pilot study.


(Anne Clossen, Reg. Traditional Chinese medicine pract.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is based on a 3000 year tradition of herbal remedies
Chinese Herbal Medicine is a fairly new concept to western medicine, but throughout Asia these healing herbs, and medicines have been employed for millenniums to treat everything from cancer to asthma, and seasonal allergies.

In many parts of the eastern world Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the standard and western medicine is considered an alternative remedy.

Chinese herbal are made of seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, branches, minerals, sometimes animal parts, and insects. They can be used in tea form, dry powder dissolved in hot water, pill forms or sometimes raw.

The study of Chinese herbs require 3 years of intense learning of the herbs and herbal formulas in addition to the study of chinese medicine theory and acupuncture (also 3 years).

Conditions treated with Chinese medicine

Women s health :

Infertility, menstrual problems, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, vaginal health, urinary health, breast health, hemorrhoids, depression, PMS

Digestion : bloating, IBS, IBD (Crohn s, colitis), diarrhea, chronic constipation, nausea, heartburn, weight gain or weight loss, cellulite ...

Allergies, Colds, flu, bronchitis, sore throat, coughs

Aches and pain, fibromyalgia,

Chronic fatigue

Emotions, stress, insomnia, anxiety


Infertility in men

Headaches, migraines


Skin : Chinese herbs are very efficient for eczema, acne, psoriasis unlike Western medicine which has no answers

Aging, beauty, hair loss

Cancer treatment side effects

And so many other conditions. Basically you can consult a Chinese medicine practitioner for any ailment you feel. Herbs can be taken together with medication to remove side effects. A Chinese diagnosis has to be made first before taking herbs.  Usually a formula is customized for you own needs and concerns.


Dr Sandy Kwan is available for questions at 416 920-1811

Conditions treated

Female-specific conditions

Fertility and pregnancy support

Hormonal health (men and women)–thyroid, adrenal support

Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes

Allergies and intolerances

Skin conditions

Fatigue and sleep problems

Headaches and stress

Pain management

Low immunity, frequent infections



This massage brings positive benefits to the body and mind stimulating immune function and regenerating damaged tissue.

It uses certified organic essential oils, massages oils from Guia’s Lotus Blends

The 75 min massage includes:

Acupressure technique on head, neck, shoulders, back and feet. 

Belly massage

Facial steamer with oxygen ozone and hot towels

Cosmetic acupressure treatment

Gua Sha technique along the spinal muscles

Recommended for mental stress and emotional imbalances.

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Michael Moya Mora RMT

The human body has an accurate defined interaction between systems and organs, this coordinated action allows for pathologic alterations to occur in one structure without engaging or compromising changes in other structures. It is clinically and scientifically proved the positive effects of massage therapy on many of these systems and it rates ages of all sorts, in addition, it can be used to treat pathologies or conditions either in acute and chronic stage of healing, in the same way its quality and power in preventing us from illness and disorders should always be highlighted.
To put it in brief, I’ll quote some of the main benefits of therapeutic massage as well as some examples where it can be targeted to eliminate, minimize or rehabilitate conditions.

Therapeutic massage therapy can:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain by releasing endorphins (amino acids that act as natural pain killers)

  • Improve range of motion and joint mobility

  • Easier labor for expectant mothers

  • Enhance the Immune System by stimulating the lymph flow( body nature defense backup)

  • Boost up the Circulatory and Respiratory system improving the natural cellular nutrients absorption and enhancing the regular blood back-flow as well as pumping oxygen and bombarding nutrients into tissues and vital organs

  • Lessen depression and anxiety by acting directly on the parasympathetic fibers of the autonomic nervous system

  • Promote tissue regeneration by reducing adhesions, scar tissues and why not stretch marks

  • Reduce tension within overused muscles eliminating spasms, hyper tonicity and strains

  • Relieve Tension headaches and migraine

  • Reduce swelling and edema

  • Develops a better body awareness

  • Ease medication dependence

  • Maintain Homeostasis

The following are examples of conditions that can be treated and in which massage therapy will be beneficial:

  • Head, back, neck and leg pain

  • Dislocations, fractures and edemas

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Stress related conditions e.g. insomnia

  • Sport  and MVA injuries

  • Tendinitis, cramps, spasms and strains

  • Resting tremors(parkinsonism)

  • Postural deformities e.g. scoliosis, hyper lordosis or Kyphosis

  • Strokes, bell palsy

  • Inflammatory conditions such as Bursitis and Arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Asthma and emphysema

  • Palliative care

Lymphatic drainage

Highly indicated for pre and post surgical (aesthetics), postpartum, hormonal imbalances, PMS, pregnancy, circulatory deficit, edemas, cellulitis, stress and weight loss.

The lymphatic drainage promotes many healthy benefits such as:

Strengthens the immune system.
Eliminates edema,
Skin nutrition benefits( cellulitis),
Mental relaxation
Detoxification of the body,
Prevents fibrosis and tissue adhesion ( post surgical).
Postpartum care


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the changes that your body is experiencing?

Are you seeking natural birth?

This massage will give you an opportunity to feel nurtured and loved.

Special care will be given to your posture and position in bed during your treatment, with extra pillows and cushions to provide you with more comfort.

The 75 min session involves:

Head, face and feet massage using stretch mark massage oils from GLB

Shiatsu meridian stretching for hips, legs and shoulder joint

Acupressure technique to correct spine and improve muscle tension

Sound and breathing exercise to relax the mind and prepare for labor

Acupuncture treatment to induce labor- ( 37 weeks and later)

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Murilo Elbas

Reiki is pronounced "Ray-Key" and it means universal. Rei in Japanese means spirit and Ki means life force energy. Reiki can therefore be called spiritually guided life force energy which is very important to us. It is the energy for our emotions, thoughts, and spiritual life. Reiki energy comes from God-force, and it is an extremely powerful healing energy. It is one of the few forms of healing that can be used to heal oneself. The Reiki Practitioner must be a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows. It is not a Reiki Practitioner who is healing, but merely acting as a channel. No special tools or equipments is needed and it is up to the healee to manifest harmony and balance in their life. They must want to be healed.

It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. A treatment feels like a wonderful radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

Reiki should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. Please consult your physician when the need arises.


Restore and rejuvenate facial muscles with this very innovating 90 min massage technique.

It combines:

Facial treatment including cleansing, mineral exfoliation, and French clay mask

Acupressure points on head, face and neck

Ozone facial steamer with certified organic oils and

Cosmetic acupuncture.

Recommended for  skin rejuvenationanti-aging, headaches and sinus congestion.