What is acupuncture?

CWSA email volunt 006Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to prevent and treat imbalances in the body and disease.
This therapy has been used for thousands of years and has become very popular in the west. In the past 50 years several medical researches have been conducted to study the theories of the mechanisms behind acupuncture. One of the dominant findings in this research is its effect on endorphins.

According to these researches, Acupuncture points have certain electrical properties, and by stimulating these points the nervous system can emit a variety of biochemical reactions that influence other cells of the body.

The nervous system is comprised of over 30 peptides involved in transmitting signals. 
Endorphins are one of several neuro peptides. They have been shown to alleviate pain and have been described as the bodyʼs own “Opiates”. Endorphins are connected to the hormonal system via the adrenal gland and make connections to every cell and system of the body.

During treatment the patient may experience some sensation from the needles. These sensations may vary with the treatment, but some that have been commonly described are numbness, tingling and warmth. Sometimes the needling sensation is experienced as propagating from the point of needling to another part of the body.
Fine needles, close to the diameter of a human hair are gently applied to the treatment points promoting deep relaxing and restorative experience.

Acupuncture treatment may take 5 to 10 sessions of 60 min each to achieve complete results.
Traditional Chinese doctors consider this to be one of the key indicators that the acupuncture is working and providing results.

moxa close upAcupuncture treatment uses

Pulse and tongue diagnosis, Complete assessment, patient’s medical history, diet and lifestyle, Tui Na Chinese massage
Ear acupuncture, Moxabustion treatment, Cupping, Gua-sha
Electro acupuncture and nutritional counseling

Acupuncture is indicated for

Irregular period and PMS
Fertility health
Pre-natal and post-natal care
Labor induction
Correction of posture and alignment of spine
Repetitive strains to tendons, muscle and ligaments
Stress management
Mental relaxation
Pain release
Digestive disorders and Nutritional counseling
Depression and anxiety
The initial consultation  takes 1.5 hour and will involve a detailed case history and use a variety of techniques to determine the condition of Ki energy in the body.
Following the treatment, recommendations may be given on gentle meridian stretching and self-acupressure as well as changes to lifestyle or dietary patterns to support health and well-being.
Practitioners will go through the intake forms filed out by the client and get an overall picture of their health, discuss consent for treatment, health history, goals, conduct a diet assessment, check range of motion, posture, talk about what the clientʼs individualized treatment plan will look like, discuss financial  matters if applicable. (sometimes agreed discounts are made for clients who are low income or are students without insurance coverage).
Acupuncture is now a regulated profession in Ontario and the treatment is covered by most insurance companies.
For more information please email: info@lotusartwellness.com

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