Tapping exercise to nourish your heart

Heart chakraTraditional Chinese Medicine theory believes that the heart houses the spirit or “shen” and plays key roles in regulation of emotions. Heart is the governor of all the meridians and it keeps the spirit in place.
Nourishing and nurturing our heart is the most powerful gift we can give to ourselves and others. As various mystics are saying it will keep us in the path of been Healthy, wealthy and wise.

Do- In to nourish Heart

This exercise will bring you emotional release, relax your chest, improve anxiety, releave tenderness in the breast and increase your energy level.


Tapping CV 17– Standing foot shoulder width apart.
– Take a big breath in with your nose, with the tip of your tongue touching behind the upper tooth. As you exhale pronounce the sound “Ah”, which is the sound of the heart chackra.
– With the four fingers of both hands, tap CV 17 point, located in the middle of the sternum between the two nipples. This point stimulates the thymus gland and opens heart energy.
– Continue tapping this point for 3 minutes as you pronounce the sound of love “Ah”.
If you prefer you can also repeat the word Love, Love, Love
Finish by saying thank you to your heart and chest area.
Repeat this exercise everyday twice a day.

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