Shiatsu for Fertility and Pregnancy

Painting by Janet McLelland

by Guiomar Campbell TCM, Dipl Sh. RN

Shiatsu therapy naturally relieves discomforts during pregnancy, specially if “moms to be”  are experiencing pre-existing discomforts such as lumbar pain, mental stress, shoulder tension or headache.

Treatment helps women to feel more comfortable with their posture and to better adapt to the changes of the growing bellies.

Activities such as standing, bending carrying, twisting can cause lot of muscle stress specially towards the third semester when the belly is heavier.  Becoming aware of these imbalances earlier and  maintaining good health will create a successful labour and post partum.

Regular treatment is very beneficial in order to prevent and treat these symptoms that arise during the pregnancy.

Very often women discover that after treatment they are able to perform activities that they felt they couldn’t do before, they also experience an increased energy level and motivation to be active and creative.

Treatment also brings a positive sense of well-being by calming the mind and balancing the emotions. It helps to create a deep understanding of oneself.

The key of the treatment is to stimulate and calm down the nerve system to become less responsive to stress by releasing endorphins, a chemical that makes the “body feel-good.” Shiatsu helps to balance the emotional, mental spiritual and physical levels in the body.

Shiatsu for fertility

Shiatsu treatment can make a woman’s desire to conceive an easy and positive experience.

The treatment focus on applying gentle and firm pressure along the spine to  stimulate the autonomic nerve system to relax the body. The ANS controls de contraction of the uterus and phalopian tubes and  improves  the ovary’s ability to produce healthy eggs and hormones.

According to scientific researches, prolonged stress can lead to imbalances in the ANS which may alter the release of hormones responsible for regulating the maturation and release of the oocyte.

Pressure applied around the vertebrae can stimulate the   autonomic nervous system and minimize the harmful effects of a prolonged body’s response to stress.

Belly massage or “ampuku” is also very effective in improving women’s fertility. It helps to increase blood circulation to the internal organs.

According to TCM the abdomen is the source of life and the centre of meridian system.

Tips for Fertility

Follow your intuition, become the woman that you are opening yourselves up about being a woman and being in your feminine bodies. When we come to know our true self and live from our authentic self, we put ourselves in a wonderful place, we live with joy and we can move onto receiving our child.
It is like peeling an onion and letting go layers of false self

How Shiatsu treatment can benefit you

Increase blood flow to the uterus, facilitating fertility
Boost production of endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals that impact certain hormones.
Relieve common symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, insomnia and backaches, neck and shoulder pain.
Strengthen contractions and helps the descent of the baby
Helps with lactation
Shiatsu can treat post natal depression
Helps baby to get into perfect position for labor
Pressure applied in the sacral pressure to help relieve the pain of contractions

What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu is very safe alternative medicine for those seeking to get pregnant and also seeking relief from common symptoms in pregnancy. It is a Japanese finger pressure therapy based on TCM and Japanese therapy.

Shiatsu treatment uses thumb pressure on selected  acupressure points along the body.  Specific finger pressure techniques are used  to support expectant mothers throughout pregnancy.

Along with acupressure treatment, therapeutic-grade essential oils  with hormonal properties are also used to assist women in a variety of conditions such as nausea, mental and emotional stress and reproductive system conditions .

Specific aromatherapy oils are applied to the body to relieve discomforts specially in the lumbar area due to spasms in the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Thai massage stretches to improve joint flexibility and help the uterine ligaments to loosen up.

This information is intended to educate the public on other alternative approaches to health and not to cure diseases. Please consult your Doctor if you need any help.

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