The secret of younger looking skin?

by Guiomar Campbell R. Ac.

photo 1There is no doubt that natural approach to health has long term benefits than artificial ones. Cosmetic Acupuncture, is one of the best anti-aging treatment for younger looking skin that I know.

I have been having tremendous results with the treatment and recommend anybody to try it at least once to feel the benefits of it. It not only minimizes or eliminates fine lines, but also improves the look of deep wrinkles, helps reduce inflammation on face with acne and reduces frown lines.

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Medicinal plants for breast health

By Guiomar Campbell R. Ac.

Most of us Breast anatomywomen experience at one time or other, symptoms of breast tenderness, swelling sometimes with multiple nodules located in both breasts.
This is very common discomfort before, during or after menstruation as well as after menopause, and is no cause for alarm but a sign that the breasts need more care and attention.
Gynecologists consider this type of breast pain to be normal and often related with cyclical hormonal changes.
Very often I treat women with breasts so swollen and painful that it becomes difficult to fit them in a bra.
These discomforts can be experienced occasionally and for some women every month before the period lasting weeks some times.
Women with fibrocystic breasts ( due to more fibrous tissue), can experience more breast tenderness.

If you notice that the breast pain is intensifying, the breasts becoming harder and more swollen and hot and thick skin with yellowish appearance, is very important to consult your doctor for a more detailed diagnosis.

A good high fiber diet, regular massages with essential oils and application of herbal compresses help to improve symptoms and often reduce them effectively.
Oil of calendula flower ( Calendula officinalis ) is a very well known medicine in the treatment of breast cancer, and is gentle enough for regular use.

Midwives and Nurses use comphrey leaf in the treatment of skin diseases in infants and in control of stretch marks in pregnant women .
In addition to maintaining healthy tissues of the breast, calendula acts in preventing and removing adhesions and scars, even keloid scars occurring after surgery.
Keloids are raised, hard scars, usually with irregular edges. They can be painful , especially when they occur as a result of breast surgery .
Keloids are caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of an injury or incision and is more common in dark-skinned women than in white skinned  women.
Actually these adhesions are bands of scar tissue formed by uncontrolled production of collagen.
Adhesions are common after abdominal surgery but may also appear after breast surgery.

Home remedy

Calendula flower

Calendula_officinalis31For maximum effectiveness, infusing the slightly dried calendula flowers in coconut oil ( organic if possible ) or even in sweet almond oil or sunflower seed oil. Let soak for a week before using .
Calendula Oil brings new life to dry and wrinkled skin and is highly recommended for self breast massage.

Castor oil ( Ricinus communis )

Castor oil , is also super effective in the treatment of breast tenderness.
This oil is commercially extracted from the seeds of the castor bean. A plant considered poisonous,  it was more often recommended as a remedy by the psychic healer Edgar Cayce, known worldwide as the “father of holistic medicine” in the 1920s.  At that time, the oil was already used in dissolving nodules and prevention of tumor growth.  According to Dr. Cayce, poison is not present in plant oil and when it is taken internally, castor oil acts as a strong and effective laxative.
The most common application of castor oil today is through a hot compress.

A_view_of_Castor_oil_plant_1How to prepare a compress of castor oil :

Place a cloth or flannel saturated in castor oil in the oven until it is fully heated .
Wrap the heating pad in a plastic and cover it with layers of towels to keep it warm
Apply to skin (breasts ) and maintain as long as possible.
In extreme cases,  the pads are continually applied day and night .
If the person has small lumps ( small nodules ) within, apply the castor oil at room temperature using two adhesive tapes.
Apply morning and evening ( before bedtime)

Comfrey_perfect_350Comfrey root ( Symphytum officinale )

Another medicinal plant widely used in folk medicine is the oil of comfrey root. This oil is a specific remedy for those people who have sore breasts.  It is a wonderful oil for self breast massage .
The comfrey leaf is one of my favorite especially when used after childbirth as a bath for better healing and recovery from episiotomy.
Both the oil and comfrey ointment, strengthen the tissues and helps them to become more resilient and flexible.  Several cases have been documented of deep and persistent old wounds and even ulcers that  healed quickly with little scarring.

The external use of comfrey root,  even for a prolonged period of time does not cause any damage to the body and is considered safe.
For maintenance and better breast health and to prevent discomforts, consume plenty of fiber, such as fruits, vegetable, legumes like lentils, black beans and whole grains.
According to studies done by the University of Medicine of Tufts in Boston, Mass. They found that women who have a diet high in fiber excrete more estrogen in the blood which helps to improve breast pain.
When you ‘re in the shower, soaping your breasts and massage them gently from the center of your chest toward your armpits. This improves blood circulation and drainage of lymph, the clear fluid that carries infection-fighting agents via your body.

This information is for educational purpose only. Any concerns please consult with your physician.

For more information about breast health clinic call Lotus Arts and Wellness 416 920-1811 or send an email to Guiomar Campbell

How to keep your baby healthy

by Guiomar Campbell R.Ac. Dip. Sh.

Let them be in the sun bare chested near a sunny window to get vitamin D from the sun
It helps their skin and helps them to sleep. It also improves brain functions.

Make sure to keep their noses clean, to help them eat, sleep and breath well

Use homeopathic remedies to keep their imbalances under control.

Wash your hands and babies hands regularly to get rid of cold and flu.

Apply acupressure along the spine from tail bone up towards the neck. Use both index and middle fingers. It increases motor reflexes, and stimulate brain functioning. Babies love it.
Massage babies belly everyday after shower and stretch their legs. Improve digestion and elimination.
Massage babies feet circular movement around the heel bone, press and pull the toes. It helps babies to relax.

Cook organic vegetables and offer healthy snacks such as mashed avocado and bananas. Offers plenty of fruits.

Lots of singing, dancing and story telling. Sing to sleep, sing to bathe, sing to eat and sing to play. Celebrate everything babies do.


What is acupuncture?

CWSA email volunt 006Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to prevent and treat imbalances in the body and disease.
This therapy has been used for thousands of years and has become very popular in the west. In the past 50 years several medical researches have been conducted to study the theories of the mechanisms behind acupuncture. One of the dominant findings in this research is its effect on endorphins.

According to these researches, Acupuncture points have certain electrical properties, and by stimulating these points the nervous system can emit a variety of biochemical reactions that influence other cells of the body.

The nervous system is comprised of over 30 peptides involved in transmitting signals. 
Endorphins are one of several neuro peptides. They have been shown to alleviate pain and have been described as the bodyʼs own “Opiates”. Endorphins are connected to the hormonal system via the adrenal gland and make connections to every cell and system of the body.

During treatment the patient may experience some sensation from the needles. These sensations may vary with the treatment, but some that have been commonly described are numbness, tingling and warmth. Sometimes the needling sensation is experienced as propagating from the point of needling to another part of the body.
Fine needles, close to the diameter of a human hair are gently applied to the treatment points promoting deep relaxing and restorative experience.

Acupuncture treatment may take 5 to 10 sessions of 60 min each to achieve complete results.
Traditional Chinese doctors consider this to be one of the key indicators that the acupuncture is working and providing results.

moxa close upAcupuncture treatment uses

Pulse and tongue diagnosis, Complete assessment, patient’s medical history, diet and lifestyle, Tui Na Chinese massage
Ear acupuncture, Moxabustion treatment, Cupping, Gua-sha
Electro acupuncture and nutritional counseling

Acupuncture is indicated for

Irregular period and PMS
Fertility health
Pre-natal and post-natal care
Labor induction
Correction of posture and alignment of spine
Repetitive strains to tendons, muscle and ligaments
Stress management
Mental relaxation
Pain release
Digestive disorders and Nutritional counseling
Depression and anxiety
The initial consultation  takes 1.5 hour and will involve a detailed case history and use a variety of techniques to determine the condition of Ki energy in the body.
Following the treatment, recommendations may be given on gentle meridian stretching and self-acupressure as well as changes to lifestyle or dietary patterns to support health and well-being.
Practitioners will go through the intake forms filed out by the client and get an overall picture of their health, discuss consent for treatment, health history, goals, conduct a diet assessment, check range of motion, posture, talk about what the clientʼs individualized treatment plan will look like, discuss financial  matters if applicable. (sometimes agreed discounts are made for clients who are low income or are students without insurance coverage).
Acupuncture is now a regulated profession in Ontario and the treatment is covered by most insurance companies.
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Thinking of conceiving? Follow these simple tips

by Guiomar Campbell

Preg Lidia standing-1According to the World Health Organization, approximately 60 to 80 millions of people around the world face difficulties in conceiving.

The age of women undergoing treatment for fertility is around 25 – 45 years old. And for many couples nowadays the experience can be devastating.
All this stress accompanied by an inadequate diet, long hours at work and lack of physical exercise, may leave the exhausted woman with constricted energy in the pelvis and abdomen.
lentils_2_WorkshopSo to increase the chances of getting pregnant you need to give priority to a healthy diet with lots of seaweed, onion, avocado, fig, green vegetables, oysters, grains and alkaline foods.
Complementary methods such as acupuncture, shiatsu, homeopathy, osteopathy and others, has brought good results in cases of infertility.

Wishing to have children is a wonderful and natural feeling, but to experience this magical moment is necessary that the body, mind and spirit are in complete balance and harmony.

Guiomar Campbell is the director of Lotus Arts and Wellness Clinic, an integrative health clinic dedicated to women’s reproductive health, from conception to birth.

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