CLARY SAGE, “Womb tonic”

Sage from my backyard

The plant is native to Italy, Syria and Southern France and grows in dry soil. The essential oil is distilled from the flowers and flowering tips.
One of the numerous health benefits of clary sage essential oil is to promote relaxation and pain relief during labor. It is specially useful where muscular tension arises from mental or emotional stress.
What I realized is that unprocessed emotions can block the process of labour. Women in labor experience a lot of fear which in results affect the Kidney and Bladder energy flow. The energy gets stagnated in the colon making it difficult to ripe.
The scent  of Clary sage oil along with acupressure treatment can help a woman  feel more connected with the intense emotions. Specially when it is applied during last stage of labor, as It may calm and enhance the dream state, helping to bring about a feeling of euphoria.
Body system affected by clary sage is Hormone system . It helps to balance estrogen
levels and remedy infertility.
It affects second and sixth chakras (sexual and third eye). Character is yang in nature
but with high Yin.
Famous during the Middle Ages for its ability to clear eye problems It is known in many cultures as The Christʼs eyes”
Widely used for female complaints such as painful periods, scanty menstruation.
Conditions treated:
Bronchitis, cholesterol, frigidity, genitalia, hemorrhoids, hormonal imbalance, impotence, infections, intestinal cramps, menstrual cramps, pms, pre-menopause, skin disorder, flatulence and weak digestion.
Clary Sage Salvia sclarea therapeutic grade contain:
Sclareol- 2.6 % It has an estrogenlike structure, hormone-balancing effect.
It has  therapeutic properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-convulsive, anti- fungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, nerve tonic, sedative, soothing, uterine tonic, warming, diuretic and digestive.


I prefer to use Clary sage during labor, or to induce labor during the later part of the
third trimester. It may induce contraction and stimulates the release of oxytocin on
pregnant women. Therefore it is highly recommended during labor.
-Avoid during and after consumption of alcohol.
-It is always best to consult your midwife or doctor before using it.
-Use Clary sage in moderation as this can cause symptoms of headaches and
Effects of Aromatherapy on Labour Pains – The Oxford Brookes University Study
The Oxford Brookes University Study – conducted during 1990-98
Essential Oils were put to the test in Oxford, during an eight-year study involving 8,000 mothers. The study showed that Aromatherapy was effective in managing labour pains.
The study was conducted by Oxford Brookes University during 1990-98 and they found that using essential oils lessened maternal anxiety and fear while inducing a sense of well-being. Fear and anxiety are two things, which can slow labour and make the mother to be unable to cope with the pain of labour. The study showed a drop in the use of opiate pain relief by those mothers who used aromatherapy during labour. The normal uptake of opiate pain relief would have been expected to be 30% in the Oxford study this dropped to 0.4%.
The oils that were used included, Lavender, Clary sage. Frankincense, Rose, Jasmine,
Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Mandarin and  the methods of delivery used were
massage, added to baths and foot baths and then as drops on the forehead and palms
of the hand.
Where to use Clary sage.
Dilute in gentle carrier oil  and rub it into the skin over the reproductive organs,
acupressure points in the legs and feet.
Between contractions
Apply one to three drops of the essential in the palm of your hands and inhale deeply
three times. In my experience women generally can fit two deep inhalation before next
The other choice is to  use Clary sage is to place a few  drops  of undiluted oil in a
cotton balls, once the oil is absorbed, the mother can place the cotton balls under her
pillow or somewhere nearby while she is giving birth.

During contractions:

First stage contraction

Apply 1-3 drops of Clary sage essential oil blend to the acupressure points SP6, Ki1, Bl28 and massage with finger. Important to hold the pressure for 1-2 breaths. Than stroke along the meridian line. i.e. Sp meridian continue massaging the lower legs towards the inner side of the foot towards the big toe.
When contractions slow down or dilation needs to speed up
-Inhalation is the best remedy. The pungent fragrance helps quicken the labor process
by intensifying the muscle contractions.
-Rub diluted (see recipe) Clary sage essential oil on her belly while in labor.
It releases muscle tension and provides the necessary calm and comfort to the mother.
It also helps in muscle dilation, required for the baby to come out.
-Massage the KI1 point, located in the bottom of foot and apply deep holding pressure.
It helps to ground and bring the energy down to the legs.
-Massage the palm of hands along lung (thumb side) and heart(little finger side)
meridians. Stroke the inner arms several times.
Recipe from Guiaʼs Lotus Blends.
I put this formula together for my second pregnancy and and loved it! I added fennel for nausea and Ylang ylang to increase pleasure and feeling of sensuality. It also balances yin energy male and female energy in the body
Labor oil
10 drops of Clary Sage oil
10 drops of lavender
4 drops of fennel
4 drops of Ylang Ylang
50 ml of either Grape seed oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil or Jojoba oil
This blend can be massaged on the palm and the feet of the woman in labor.
It releases muscle tension and thereby provides the necessary calm and comfort to the
mother. It also helps in muscle dilation, required for the baby to come out.
Essential Oils Desk Reference by Essential Science Publishing ESP. Research by Dr.
Gary Young
Aromatherapy an A-Z by Patricia Davis
Healing with Aromatherapy by Marlene Ericksen

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