Can sense of smell influence your thoughts?

Let’s welcome beauty and radiance, vitality and balance into our lives, this New Year. I know that last year was a challenging one for many. This is a good time to let go of the overwhelming and difficult moments, negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy to make space for good memories and good feelings. Choosing to focus on positive thoughts can bring good health and longevity. Not always easy? Here is a fast way to overcome negativity: use your sense of smell. Really!

Have you noticed how some smells can transport you to a different state of mind and even bring in memories from the past? The smell of baking bread makes your stomach rumble, or the smell of freshly cut grass reminds you of warm days in summer? I have fond memories of my mother cooking rice every time I smell garlic. I can clearly see her standing near the stove with a large mortar filled with peeled garlic, and I feel there with her in that moment.

The same process happens when you smell an essential oil. According to  Marlene Ericksen, in her book, Healing with Aromatherapy, smell is the only sense that goes directly to the limbic system or emotional brain, bypassing the cerebral cortex, also known as the intellectual part of the brain. As she explains, senses other than smell, such as sight and hearing, must register with the cortex before entering other parts of the brain. Our sense of smell is the only direct link from the outer world to our inner world.

Inhaling the essential oils clary sage, jasmine or grapefruit help to balance your emotions. Clary sage in particular, is considered a good remedy for nervous stress with a tremendous ability to relieve anxiety, depression and fear.  It contains sclareol, an estrogen-like structure that makes it beneficial for the female reproductive system. It helps to balance symptoms of cramps, menstrual pain, hot flashes in peri-menopause women as well as sexual dysfunctions.

There are many ways you can inhale an essential oil. You may use an electric diffuser to dispense fragrance into the environment. You can also apply 2-3 drops of the oil on to a light bulb, a good method to use in hotel rooms while traveling. Another method is to apply 5-7 drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapor. My favorite method is to apply 10 drops of oil on to a cotton tissue and store it inside a plastic bag to preserve the aroma. I usually carry it in my purse and inhale it when I need it.

To release feelings of anger and irritability and bring in good feelings, inhale essential oil of grapefruit and jasmine while stretching your inner thighs and legs. This helps to open up the liver meridian and allow the trapped energy to move.  The liver meridian runs upwards from big toe towards the back of the knee, inguinal area and chest. The memory of the smell of oils and the feeling of a stretched muscle come back to you when you find yourself in emotional distress again.

When you are aware of the process of connecting to your limbic system, to emotions, you are then in a position to change your awareness which puts you in charge of awakening ‘feel-good’ techniques.

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