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Guiomar is an integrated health practitioner with a background in nursing obstetrics and midwifery and in native healing traditions of her native Brazil. Guiomar holds a diploma in acupuncture and is trained in the art of shiatsu therapy at the Shiatsu School of Canada where she worked 15 years as an instructor in the diploma program. Guiomar is the creator of Biosync-rhythm movement, a technique that synchronizes body’s natural rhythms through creative dance, drumming and yoga. Guiomar is the director and owner of Lotus Arts and Wellness Clinic helping men and women to make healthy lifestyle choices to overcome mental health, postural and joint problems through the art of Acupuncture, Tui Na, reiki, energy medicine, Shiatsu and Aromatherapy.

Health Week in Toronto

The health week will take place from Oct 19 to Oct 24 at YMCA downtown Toronto. Free consultations and free lectures with experts in the field of women’s health, mental health and children’s health.  I am pleased to be part of this event. Join me in my lecture Integrative Medicine For Emotional health on Oct 23 at 4:50 pm.



Why you should drink green tea?

bigstock-cup-and-teapot-of-linden-tea-a-34586783The benefits of drinking green tea have been known for centuries.
It traditionally originated in China but it is used by so many people all over the world.

Because the way it is processed without fermentation, green tea retain large amount of antioxidant, much higher than black tea. Now scientists are discovering that it has an amazing healthy benefits and can prevent chronic diseases.

Some of these healthy benefits are:

heart-healthGreen tea protects you from cancer due to the presence of an oxidant called polyphenols that prevents cancer cells from growing.

It helps to reduce the risk of heart attack specially in women by helping to keep the blood vessels relaxed and free of blood clots.

It also proven scientifically that drinking between 2 and 5 cups of green tea in a regular basis helps the body to burn fat, increasing the metabolism and therefore, reducing body weight.

Green tea lowers the LDL cholesterol level in the blood and strengthens the heart

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive green tea is not a good choice for you as it decrease the absorption of folic acid.

Drink green tea everyday and keep doctors away!

Disclaimer: This information is intended to educate only. If you have any healthy issues please consult with your Doctor.

We need cholesterol!

coconutDo you still really think saturated fats cause obesity and heart disease? That is wrong and outdated. For the past 50 years we were forced to believe that we have to lower saturated fats or bad cholesterol (LDL) to prevent obesity and heart disease. Guess what? The number of people with heart disease, alzheimer’s and obesity have increased since.
It is time to change your current view of what is considered “healthy lifestyle”.

What causes disease in most people is the consumption of fake fats, processed sugars and carbs and not saturated fats.

Did you know that your brain is comprised of mostly saturated fats? Cholesterol is needed not only to improve your brain but also to help our body to manufacture Vit D from the sun.

It shocks me when I hear health professionals still recommending low cholesterol diet and supplements.

Wake up people! We need cholesterol such as coconut, avocado, dark chocolate, goat cheese, nuts, butter and sardines to live longer.



This article is not intended to treat and cure. It is for educational purpose only! If you need health assistance please contact your Doctor.

Tapping exercise to nourish your heart

Heart chakraTraditional Chinese Medicine theory believes that the heart houses the spirit or “shen” and plays key roles in regulation of emotions. Heart is the governor of all the meridians and it keeps the spirit in place.
Nourishing and nurturing our heart is the most powerful gift we can give to ourselves and others. As various mystics are saying it will keep us in the path of been Healthy, wealthy and wise.

Do- In to nourish Heart

This exercise will bring you emotional release, relax your chest, improve anxiety, releave tenderness in the breast and increase your energy level.


Tapping CV 17– Standing foot shoulder width apart.
– Take a big breath in with your nose, with the tip of your tongue touching behind the upper tooth. As you exhale pronounce the sound “Ah”, which is the sound of the heart chackra.
– With the four fingers of both hands, tap CV 17 point, located in the middle of the sternum between the two nipples. This point stimulates the thymus gland and opens heart energy.
– Continue tapping this point for 3 minutes as you pronounce the sound of love “Ah”.
If you prefer you can also repeat the word Love, Love, Love
Finish by saying thank you to your heart and chest area.
Repeat this exercise everyday twice a day.


by Guiomar Campbell

Health yogaA lot of studies on fertility shows that women that are trying to get pregnant and practice yoga frequently have more chances to conceive than the women that don’t practice.

Now a days women that are  trying to get pregnant experiences significant level of mental stress, depression and also weak immune system. The high level of stress that women goes through in this process causes abnormal levels of the pituitary hormone prolactin, which is responsible for ovulation and consequently can delay menstrual cycles.  A lot of studies on Sterelity and Fertility also found that among women trying in vitro fertilization, those  with high levels of stress  produced fewer eggs and not enough embryos that could be transferred into their wombs.

Yoga asanas and pranayama are well known for releasing stress and improving the flow of Qi energy in the ”nadis” or energy channelsl. it helps to tone the nervous system and improve the functioning of the glandular system.
As in Hatha yoga Pradipika states “When the breath wanders, the mind wanders but when the breath is still, so is the mind still”.

energy bodyTraditional Chinese medicine, for instance, holds that blockages or imbalances between the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies in the body can be the root causes of ill health—or in this case, stress-induced discomforts and dysfunctions. 
Yoga is based on this same concept of enhancing the flow of energy through energy channels, which are part of what yogis call the “chakra” system. The word chakra literally translates as wheel or disk. It refers to the sphere of bioenergetic activity that emanates from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column.
The chakra is a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses energy.
For women trying to conceive it is important to maintain balance on all the centres of energy and specially the second chakra.
The second chakra is of utmost importance for sexual health. Located around the lower abdomenand groin, this energy center rules the reproductive organs, and relates to movement, sensation, pleasure, sexuality and, theoretically, fertility.
Imbalances on the second chackra can cause physical symptoms


~ Increase blood flow to internal organs and improves lungs capacity
~ Help to stimulate ovulation and make the uterus more conducive to conception by regulating hormone
~yoga increases the chances for conceiving a baby by improving overall physical
and emotional health.
~Facilitates regular and healthy menstrual cycles and, more predictable
~ Yoga exercises gently work on the reproductive organs and pelvis providing
blood and nutrients to the developing  fetus.


A- Supported Bridge Pose – Setu bandhasana

It calms the mind and helps to stretch and abdominal muscles, reduces anxiety, fatigue and insomnia, relieves menstrual discomfort and helps photo 1to relieve the symptoms of
. Lie on the back flat on the floor, belly up, and bent your knees with feet flat on the floor, close to your bottom.
. Inhale and on the exhale lift your pelvis and buttocks up, off the floor while keeping your feet flat on the floor.
Lift your chin slightly away from the sternum and, firming the shoulder blades against your back,
. Stay in the pose anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Release with an exhalation, rolling the spine slowly down onto the floor.
B- Badda konasana- Cobbler’s pose
It means “bound angle”.
It releases tension on lower back, tones muscles in the pelvic floor, good for women during menses and menopause because it stimulates the ovaries, easy childbirth pain, Stretches the ligament and muscles of your pelvis to bring more space to your baby.

Position- Badda konasana- Cobbler’s pose

Guia yogaIf your hips or groin feels tight, you may want to raise your pelvis by sitting on a folded blanket
Sitting on your mat with your legs straight out in front of you, exhale and bend your knees, pulling your heels toward you. Bring your foot as close as possible to your body.
Inhale and exhale drop your knees towards the ground, pressing the soles of your feet together.
Bring your hand to your feet. Continue inhaling and exhaling while making sure you are sitting up straight. Open your feet as if you were opening a book.
Exhale and round your body forward.
Hold the pose for one to five minutes. Rest your elbows inside your knees
To come out of the pose, inhale and lift your knees up, away from the floor, keeping your feet in contact with the floor at all times.
Exhale and extend your legs back to your starting position

Regular practice of Yoga, breathing and meditation will deepen your knowledge on yourself as well as open the possibilities around you to create balance between mind body and spirit.