Why you should drink green tea?

bigstock-cup-and-teapot-of-linden-tea-a-34586783The benefits of drinking green tea have been known for centuries.
It traditionally originated in China but it is used by so many people all over the world.

Because the way it is processed without fermentation, green tea retain large amount of antioxidant, much higher than black tea. Now scientists are discovering that it has an amazing healthy benefits and can prevent chronic diseases.

Some of these healthy benefits are:

heart-healthGreen tea protects you from cancer due to the presence of an oxidant called polyphenols that prevents cancer cells from growing.

It helps to reduce the risk of heart attack specially in women by helping to keep the blood vessels relaxed and free of blood clots.

It also proven scientifically that drinking between 2 and 5 cups of green tea in a regular basis helps the body to burn fat, increasing the metabolism and therefore, reducing body weight.

Green tea lowers the LDL cholesterol level in the blood and strengthens the heart

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive green tea is not a good choice for you as it decrease the absorption of folic acid.

Drink green tea everyday and keep doctors away!

Disclaimer: This information is intended to educate only. If you have any healthy issues please consult with your Doctor.

We need cholesterol!

coconutDo you still really think saturated fats cause obesity and heart disease? That is wrong and outdated. For the past 50 years we were forced to believe that we have to lower saturated fats or bad cholesterol (LDL) to prevent obesity and heart disease. Guess what? The number of people with heart disease, alzheimer’s and obesity have increased since.
It is time to change your current view of what is considered “healthy lifestyle”.

What causes disease in most people is the consumption of fake fats, processed sugars and carbs and not saturated fats.

Did you know that your brain is comprised of mostly saturated fats? Cholesterol is needed not only to improve your brain but also to help our body to manufacture Vit D from the sun.

It shocks me when I hear health professionals still recommending low cholesterol diet and supplements.

Wake up people! We need cholesterol such as coconut, avocado, dark chocolate, goat cheese, nuts, butter and sardines to live longer.



This article is not intended to treat and cure. It is for educational purpose only! If you need health assistance please contact your Doctor.