Your Home safety- Natural cleaning supplies

I recently read the information below from EWG environmental working group and found it very helpful. I personally choose to use natural products at home from cleaning supplies to cosmetic supplies. I find joy in making my own soap, massage oils, lip balms, hand soaps and much more.

There are simple and inexpensive ways to maintain your own health, the health of loved ones and specially the health of our environment.

Here are some examples:

Using vinegar to clean your wood floor, surfaces, counter top, bathroom tiles and etc.

Use essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, rosemary and lemon on your water spray bottle and spray corners of your windows, rooms, tiles to get rid of mold.

For healthy skin and hair? Simple, just add a few drops of Lavender or tea tree essential oil on a base of sweet almond oil and rub on your skin daily. You may also want to try pure organic coconut oil on your skin.

Concerned about the sun? Use natural sunscreen without oxybenzon and make sure it contains minerals zinc or titanium in it’s formula for maximum UV protection. Check the EWG website for more information.

Below are some of their recommendations:

Simple tips to protect your family’s health while you clean your home:

1. Less is More

Dilute your cleaning supplies according to instructions and use only what’s
needed to get the job done.

2. Open the Window

Clean with windows and doors open so you don’t trap air pollution inside your home.

3. Use Gloves and Other Precautions

Cleaning chemicals may harm or penetrate skin and eyes – check warning

4. Keep Kids Away

Children are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals. If they like to help, let them
clean with soap and water, not toxic cleaners.

5. Avoid “Antibacterial”

If your family is generally health
If your family is generally healthy, there’s no need to use potentially toxic “anti- bacterial” products, according to the American Medical Association. Wash your hands with plain soap and water.

6. Never Mix Bleach with Ammonia, Vinegar, or Other Acids

These combinations can produce deadly gases.

7. Don’t Be Fooled by Labels – Buy Certified Green Products

Label claims aren’t always true. Cleaning supplies certified by Green Seal or
EcoLogo meet green standards.

8. Try Natural Alternatives

Experiment with non-toxic options like vinegar and baking soda.

9. Take Care with Pine and Citrus Oil Cleaners

Avoid using these cleaners especially on smoggy days, when the ingredients can react with ozone to produce cancer-causing formaldehyde.

10. Skip the Biggest Hazards

Avoid air fresheners, use a baking soda and water paste to clean the oven and
tackle toilet stains, and use a mechanical snake to unclog the drain.

This information is for educational purpose only. Any concerns please consult with your physician.

The greatest enemy of cancer, your immune system

by Guiomar Campbell Dpl. Sh., R.Ac

Recent findings suggest that the immune system is designed to eliminate cancer. According to Dr. Mercola, osteopathic physician and writer, when a person uses medical interventions (such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy) to eradicate the cancer, they end up damaging the immune system and it fails to respond appropriately. destroying the chances of your body to heal itself naturally.

Unfortunately, mammograms, a specialized radiography that shows the contrast between normal tissue and tumors tend to increase the probability of women to perform medical procedures such as biopsies unnecessary. There is now a large amount of scientific evidence supporting the theory that your own immune system is your best weapon against cancer.

Nearly everyone has cancer cells and precancerous body but not everyone develops cancer. The difference is in the health of the immune system of each person. The cancer cell need more than one mutation to develop. She needs the cooperation of other nearby cells and certain immune responses, and needs to be fed with hormones.

It is important to understand that strength and health of your immune system is an important factor in determining whether or not you will beat cancer once you have it.

One way to strengthen your immune system is to minimize your exposure to mammograms and other sources of ionizing radiation. The dose of radiation during an annual mammography test is twenty to twenty-five times higher than simple pulmonary radiography and it is proven that the organ of the body more sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of this test is the breast, compared with the lung, thyroid and bone marrow.

A more natural alternative approach to mammography is thermography, a painless, affordable, noninvasive, and safe, procedure where an infrared photography is taken from the body to detect heat from the tumor areas.

How to prevent breast cancer dramatically?

Making a good diet rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidant, reducing mental stress and exercising daily.
Start optimizing your vitamin D level, a steroid hormone that affects almost every cell in the body and one of the most potent anti-cancer agent. Vitamin D is able to enter cancer cells and trigger apoptosis or cell death from cancer.

If you were diagnosed with breast cancer is recommended to keep a level of 70 to 100ng/ml of vitamin D per day and make an immediate detox of the liver through the use of enzymes, minerals, and complete elimination of sugar.

Vitamin A plays a role in preventing breast cancer, your best sources are organic eggs, raw milk not pasteurized, beef and chicken liver (coming from animals grown outdoors and fed organically).

The curcumin (the active agent in turmeric) is one of the most powerful spices to inhibit tumor formation. Green tea, seaweed, cruciferous vegetables and evening primrose oil also help prevent breast cancer

Avoid all processed foods, and minimizing sugar, grains and starchy foods.

Essential oils are of tremendous importance in maintaining breast health, especially sandalwood  frankincense, rosemary and lavender. Besides inhibiting the cancer cells they work our mood, balance our emotions and pleasure and maintains skin health.

The better you take care of your immune system, the better it will look after you.